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Field Story Latin America

Trash to Treasure

"The gospel is good news that has the power to save! Why would we be ashamed of sharing something awesome with someone?"

One day as I was crossing the street, I saw a man sifting through trash in a big cart he was pushing around, keeping cardboard and other things of interest (this is a common job Buenos Aires).

While standing 2 feet away from a giant trash container, he continued to sort through the scraps, throwing what he did not want onto the street. I watched him until he finished, and then as he walked by, I asked him, "Excuse me sir, could I ask you a question?" "Sure," he said.  

So, I asked him, "If there is a trash container less than one meter (yes, they use the metric system here) away from you, why did you throw that trash onto the street?" 

After staring at me blankly for a few seconds he said, "Well, there are city workers that come by and pick it all's their job."

We reasoned through why it was not very considerate to create unnecessary work for someone else, and how if we are going to care for our city, we all need to do our part. Much to my surprise, he agreed! He then asked me, "Would you like me to go back and pick up the trash?" "I think that would be great," I said.

After he did it, I got to share the gospel with him, starting off with how God has given us the responsibility take care of and steward the world that we live in. He really listened and ended up thanking me for sharing with him as I left!

I love the irony. A situation concerning trash led to a conversation about the greatest treasure of all: Jesus. It also reminded me of our soccer ministry's memory verse for this month:

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes..." Romans 1:16

The gospel is good news that has the power to save! Why would we be ashamed of sharing something awesome with someone? Sure, not everyone will respond positively like Sebastian, but that does not need to keep us from sharing something incredible with everyone we can. 

Would you pray for Sebastian? Please pray that he would read the gospel of John that I gave him and that he would repent and follow Jesus?

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