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What is the application process?

The first step in the process is to pray and talk to one of our mobilizers. We know there a lot of questions when considering going. Our mobilizers are here to pray with you, answer your questions, and walk you through the process. Once your application is submitted and approved, you will receive a packet of critical information. This information will guide you in preparing for the field, writing a support letter, support raising, and how much money you will need to raise. There will also be a pre-field training that you will be required to attend via zoom.  You are required to raise 100% of your funds before you are allowed to go on the field.

How will I fund the trip?

Like our missionaries, the costs are associated with lodging, food, travel, travel insurance, administration costs, stipend if needed.  We use this as an opportunity for you to gather prayer and financial supporters to help partner with you on your short term or mid-term trip.  Avant staff will help you with support raising ideas and accountability. 

Some people going on short term trips decide to fund the trip themselves. While we encourage you to raise a portion of your support as a way of trusting the Lord for your finances, this is up to you.
After you are approved for your trip, we will go over the details about how much you will need to raise and a deadline for being fully funded.

How much money will I need to raise?
The cost of each trip is dependent on the location, length, and ministry. The cost per person widely varies. For short term trips, the cost is calculated on a per diam basis. It will cover everything except souvenirs. If you are doing a mid-term opportunity, we will give you a support schedule, similar to the ones our full-time missionaries use. This will cover everything you need to live a comfortable life in the area you plan on serving.
What will the living situations be like?
Each location is a little different. Typically, short termers will be staying with our missionaries or a host family. If you are placed at a camp, you will be in a cabin or dorm. If you are going for a year or more, you might live in an apartment. You will learn more about the details of your specific location as you talk with a mobilizer and field staff.
Do I need a home church?

We believe that the church is a big and special part of any believer’s journey. We want to see that our go-ers are serving in the local church and require a pastor reference.

We also know there are special situations make having a sending church difficult, like moving, finding a new church, or going to school somewhere away from your home church. We know each person’s journey is different and are more than willing to have conversations with you about your specific situation.

Are there any Covid restrictions where I will be going?

We encourage but do not require the Covid 19 vaccine. We also do not have any restrictions as an organization, but we follow any country or local guidelines that you will be visiting. We cannot predict what, if any, restrictions will be in place. You will be in contact with the missionaries on the field if there is anything you need to know before you leave.

Will I need any vaccinations?
We highly recommend that you are current in all the standard vaccinations. We follow the guidelines listed on the CDC website for recommended and required vaccines for specific countries. We also require you to complete a physical before you leave.
Are there any safety concerns I should consider?
Safety should be a top priority as you are traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures.  The first thing to remember is that God is watching over you and you can run to Him with fears, concerns or anxieties.  Secondly, we work with Avant missionaries, field leadership and the global security departments to do our due diligence in sending people where it is relatively safe. We would never intentionally send someone where there is a threat to their safety. However, we know anything can happen at any time. You will receive pre- trip training and an orientation when on the field. We keep a close eye on current events. If there is ever a time when we determine the risk is too high, we will help you leave that situation. It is important to listen to the Avant staff and field missionaries to know what you should and should not do to help ensure your safety.

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