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Camp Field Story North America USA - Alaska


"That airplane wing was a vivid reminder of my need to lean on the Lord daily. Only He can hold it all together. "

     I am fascinated by planes.  I'm not interested in the mechanics of planes (I couldn't even begin to tell you how a simple engine works...horsepower? What is that??), The simple fact that something so huge and heavy can not only speed through the air, but can also be turned and maneuvered and go somewhere specific.
     We've spent quite a bit of time on these giant birds lately, with an extended trip down south and then a trip back to Kansas a few weeks.  Takeoff is my favorite part of flying, but usually I am busy getting kids settled.
     During my trip last week, I was alone and able to watch out the window as the wind lifted us into the sky.  As I quietly, I began to study the wing, as my seat was next to it.  I noticed several things, but the thing that stood out to me was the incredible amount of screws (or maybe they're bolts?) used in construction of this wing.
     In many places, there was one every inch.  In order to sustain the wing, and the integrity of the entire plane, that many pieces of hardware were necessary.  Each one was vital.  If the mechanics tried to get away with one every foot or skip several here or there, the airplane would fall apart in flight.
     It reminded me of the many times I have to come to the Lord and say, "You are my Lord.  I submit to You.  I need You.  I confess ______.  Take control."  I can't just do it once. I need to daily (and sometimes hourly) submit to the Lord and confess my dependency on Him, an incredible amount of Him.  My life must be built and held together with Him.  If I try to get away with less, just like a plane without all the hardware, I tend to crash.
     That airplane wing was a vivid reminder of my need to lean on the Lord daily. Only He can hold it all together. 

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