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Sowing Seeds in Unlikely Places

I thought, "Wow, that’s amazing. What a beautiful picture of hope and of life springing up, even in the most unlikely places!"

Five years ago I wrote one of my first newsletters about sowing good seed (God’s Word) in good soil (in the lives of people who are hungry for Him). It’s up to us to sow good seed, but we can’t know if a person is going to be ‘good soil’ until we see something grow. I learned this lesson, thanks to one of my plants.

In April I bought a potted herb plant to sit on my kitchen windowsill. I watered it in the sink; and, on at least one occasion, a bit of dirt fell out. My sink is divided, with a large compartment and a tiny one. Some dirt (and some seed) must have fallen into the small side, but that side of the sink never gets more than a few drops of water (my faucet has issues and doesn’t like to turn very much). Thus, the dirt was never washed all the way down the drain.

I went away the first weekend of May. The morning after my return home I went to the kitchen to make breakfast and this plant (see photo) is what I found. What!? A plant growing in my sink?

Several thoughts crossed my mind.

Alix, you should really do something about that faucet.
Alix, you really need to stop dropping dirt down the sink.
Alix, you are not a very good housekeeper.
What else could be growing in there?

But more importantly, I thought, Wow, that’s amazing. What a beautiful picture of hope and of life springing up, even in the most unlikely places!

I also realized that I often have no idea what good soil looks like, and that I should never give up sowing seed. Many of my friends appear to be quite indifferent to spiritual things. I have sown seed, but I have not seen any fruit yet. Maybe something is happening underneath the surface, maybe not.  Either way, I’m not going to stop tossing out a seed here and there (hopefully a little more purposefully than dropping it down my sink!) and wait to see in what unexpected plants pop up!

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