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Cappuccino Hour

"Whenever I’ve shown up at Cappuccino Hour, tales of the gospel flourishing from one end of the earth to the other are readily available."

Need a coffee break? I’m guessing that if you have a heartbeat, you can appreciate taking a break to stop and refresh. At the Avant Ministries headquarters in Kansas City, there’s a regular rhythm that speaks well beyond a simple break. This break, which I’ve dubbed “Cappuccino Hour,” involves many staff members from Avant and Crossworld (remember they share an office space) spilling out of their offices and down the stairs for a 10AM gathering. Think high quality coffee prepared by staff with a background serving in Italy coupled with the collaborative genius that happens when we come together around a common purpose. It doesn’t last an hour, but occurs at the top of the hour. This is what comes to mind as I’ve seen (and partaken) in “Cappuccino Hour.”

Cappuccino Hour is really what strategic partnership around God’s global work demands. Imagine the energy you’d experience if you could connect with a like-minded believer after serving in a country “closed” to the Gospel. You would not only need these kind of relationships, but you would also want them. As the Apostle John said, “that which we have seen and heard we proclaim also to you, so that you too may have fellowship with us; and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ” (1 John 1:3).

The great moves of God come when we collaborate, rope people into a common purpose and foster fellowship worthy of the Gospel we herald.   Cappuccino is simply one way we can get at this destination.

Another practical benefit of Cappuccino Hour is that it is simply encouraging. Much of the work that Avant is involved in around the world takes place in contexts that are somewhat difficult. There are workers on the frontlines who believe that the Savior will have the reward of His suffering and is worthy of receiving worship from every tribe, tongue, language and nation. Sometimes this work is difficult and often it is slow. But, whenever I’ve shown up at Cappuccino Hour, tales of the gospel flourishing from one end of the earth to the other are readily available. Encouragement abounds when staff members who have connections to our friends in distant lands are able to come together and tell tales of the gospel’s prevailing.

Therefore, next time you take a sip of your coffee in the morning or even rest at the water cooler, would you be mindful of the fellowship you have with others in the gospel? Would you find encouragement in the gospel’s advance? And, would you give yourself to pray that our Savior’s great cause would prevail, for the glory of his name and the good of all people?

by Pastor Phil Auxier
Crestview Bible Church

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