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Church Planting Europe Field Story Poland

God is the Best Puzzle Solver

"My whole life was scattered, in pieces. A year later, with God’s help, my life is a brand new, beautiful image!"

     Iwona heard the gospel for the first time last year when she came to our evangelistic Alpha Course. I remember her saying, shocked: "I've been going to a Catholic Church my whole life! Why has nobody told me this before?!"

     After the Alpha Course ended, she joined our house church in Poznan, Poland. She struggled a lot this past year. It seemed like everybody from her past life turned against her! Her family, friends and coworkers started mocking her newfound faith and cautioned her that she was involved in some kind of religious cult. This continues even today and she often shared these stories during our meetings with tears in her eyes.

     Our Lord is bigger than all of this! Iwona is continuing to grow in faith, bravely shares her faith with others and does not show any signs of giving up!

     Recently as we began our house church meeting, she prayed: “Thank you Lord that the puzzle of my life came together so beautifully!” and later she added: “My whole life was scattered, in pieces. Then I came to the Alpha Course. A year later, with God’s help, my life is a brand new, beautiful image! I do not need the approval of other people. I have God. Now I love myself just the way I am!” God knows all the puzzle pieces of our life and how it all fits together; we must take the first step of faith and trust Him with our lives.

     Just like Iwona, many others continue to hear the greatest story ever told. We rejoice that God cares even about the small details in our lives. Just like I did not know how God was going to change Iwona’s life. All He asks of us is to be faithful to share the gospel with those we encounter. Letting God work in the heart of the individuals, then we can stand amazed at how He puts the puzzle pieces together. 

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