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Sudan: Relief Project

Project #71991
Africa Relief South Sudan

After one of the longest civil wars in Africa’s history, South Sudan declared its independence from Sudan in 2011, becoming the newest independent and UN-recognized nation in the world. Sadly, South Sudan’s journey as a new nation has continued to include terrible fighting between the tribes within its own borders.

With another war raging in Sudan, and thousands of people fleeing to find refuge in South Sudan, there is much anguish, physical need, and insurmountable grief in the country. Thousands have been injured or killed, and millions of people have been displaced. The influx of refugees from Sudan into South Sudan is alarming. Being such a young country, South Sudan does not have the resources or infrastructure to accommodate so many people. Families are living in dire situations, lacking food, water, shelter, and daily necessities.

Avant is partnering with a team from Serving Christ Organization (SCO) through our Sudan Relief Project to provide basic necessities for refugees seeking support. For years, SCO has been able to bring sustainable development to communities in South Sudan, Congo, and Uganda by planting churches, producing clean drinking water, economic empowerment, and caring for trauma victims.

Through this project Avant will help supply survival kits to be distributed by SCO to refugees in South Sudan and northern Uganda. The SCO team will also be distributing audio Bibles and Gospel materials to those they minister to. These kits will serve thousands of people living in refugee communities, giving them access to food, soap, blankets, utensils, mosquito nets, and more. These kits will create many opportunities for refugees to hear and respond to the gospel. As physical needs are met, we pray that God will open their hearts to their spiritual need to be reconciled with God.

$50,000 Project Goal
$7,813 Amount Raised
$42,187 Still Needed
15% 100%